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Boat Outboard Motor Repair

There is nothing more aggravating than breaking the tip of your outboard prop in shallow water. QuikAluminum® is just the answer to the problem of repairing that broken outboard prop. In the next few pictures, you will see how easy it is to fix that broken outboard prop and save money at the same time.

Remove the rough edges and reform the shape of the outboard prop using a file or other appropriate tools. Be sure to remove any part that is cracked beyond possible repair. Clean the dust and filings from the area to be repaired when done.

Be sure to check the outboard prop for cracks close to the shaft. If you find one you may want to have your local dealer recommend a repair house that specializes in repair of outboard props.

Clean off the old paint and rough up the surface on both sides. This does two things it insures that you will get good adhesion of the QuikAluminum® and when you paint the prop it will give you that new look again.

Take the QuikAluminum® out of the tube and cut off enough to make the repair. Mix the QuikAluminum® by hand until uniform in color. This will take about 3 minutes and you will be ready for the next step.

Apply the QuikAluminum® to both sides of the prop pressing it firmly in to place. Form it to the contour of the prop making sure that both sides are covered. The thickness should be about 1/8 inch thicker than the metal.

When fully cured (24 hours) reform the contour with a file and sand paper to the original shape. QuikAluminum® can be filed, sanded, drilled or formed into shape using common hand tools.

A little paint and that blade is like new again. The other blade just below my hand will get the same treatment.

Just think of the money saved!

Remember there are many other uses for QuikAluminum® on the boat just look around and you will find many other QuikAluminum®
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